THELEMAQUE (pronounced tel-a-mack) is part of the TA DA ! Entertainment Group. Thelemaque offers a wide-range of services in the areas of talent management for African American classical musicians, marketing, public relations, corporate consulting and more. 

Founded in 1992 by Theresa (Terri) Ford Simonson Allen, in Long Island, New York as Thelemaque Associates, the company adopted its name from her husband’s father’s family, the Thelemaque family from St. Barts.  The name was unique and stood for a long legacy of  strong family members, dating back to Demark Vessey, the CaribAmerican Slave who changed America by starting a slave revolt and whose real name was Thelemaque. Mrs. Allen thought it appropriate and fitting to use the name for the unique company she had founded.

Initially, Thelemaque Associates began by providing talent management and talent agent services to African American classical musicians.   It was the encouragement of many of the African American classical musicians, who recognized the lack of quality classical music management with an African American perspective that Thelemaque continued to grow.

Thelemaque Associates, the talent management division of parent corporation TA DA Entertainment provides the world with a brilliant assemblage of African American classical musicians since 1992, as well as Publicity and Marketing services for nearly 20 years. Member of Musical America’s IDPA, and recognized as one of only a few national African American owned and operated talent management companies specializing in African American Classical Musicians, Thelemaque Associates offers Black Classical music to audiences through concerts, recitals, and performances as well as provides talent management and agenting; deliberates music deals, negotiates contracts, secures bookings, solicits offers, markets and promotes. Thelemaque is proud and honored to have worked with such noted African American classical musicians as soprano Denyce Graves, soprano Angela M. Brown, music director and pianist Victor Simonson, and many more.

Since then, Thelemaque Associates, remains the hallmark of THELEMAQUE, but has also branched into additional services, all offering quality from an African American perspective.    

Talent, Publicity,  and Marketing.  Thelemaque Associates  provides press releases, marketing consulting and publicity.

Thelemaque is available for your any need. Contact us today for more information.

Thelemaque (pronounced tel-a-mack)…”The Best for the Best!”